10 great benefits of “Bitter Gourd” but really good

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Fans of P Bird – Thongchai McIntyre know that P Bird likes to drink bitter gourd juice every morning. This may be the secret of a young face. And his strength may be (see, people in the country still call him ‘Pee’), but actually bitter gourd is not only useful

10 great benefits of ” Bitter gourd ” , but really good

1. Help reduce the chances of getting diabetes because bitter gourd is not sweet, so it’s not easy to get diabetes, right? It also helps to increase insulin secretion in the pancreas. to reduce the production of sugar from the liver as well. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

2. helps fight free radicals Which, of course, reduces the chances of developing cancer. and glowing skin not easily wrinkled

3. It can help treat liver disease. according to Thai medicinal formula

4. It looks bitter like this, but after taking it, it helps your appetite.

5. Help drive parasites

6. Squeeze and drink fresh as a mild laxative.

7. Relieve osteoarthritis symptoms, nourish joints

8. Help purify the blood, treat liver-related diseases.

9. Help Digestion

10. Strengthen bones and teeth

Tips for cooking bitter gourd

Boil the bitters gourd in very boiling water with a pinch of salt. or to eat by pouring a little coconut milk served with chilli paste If stuffed bitters gourd is boiled, it should be boiled for a long time. to reduce bitterness Or season with spicy instead, such as Panang Mara menu, etc.