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Risk factors for bronchitis that you may be doing without knowing it

Smoking or inhaling smoke, pungent odors, chemicals, dust and irritants May cause harmful effects leading to bronchitis. What is bronchitis? Dr. Somsak Ankasilp, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, revealed that bronchitis is a disease related to the respiratory system. Caused by an infection in the

5 danger signs “cerebral hemorrhage”

There are few diseases that can kill us. or our loved ones within seconds One of them could be a heart attack. Hemorrhagic stroke or other diseases that affect the work of the heart or acute respiratory failure but another equally dangerous disease And can also kill us in no time,

10 great benefits of “Bitter Gourd” but really good

Fans of P Bird – Thongchai McIntyre know that P Bird likes to drink bitter gourd juice every morning. This may be the secret of a young face. And his strength may be (see, people in the country still call him ‘Pee’), but actually bitter gourd is not only useful 10 great

9 dangerous signs of “kidney stones” disease

adult relatives or even many young working people around Starting to have this disease more and more every time. But before, if talking about kidney disease Still will understand more. When suffering from “kidney stones”, many people secretly wonder how it is. Why is it What are the symptoms 9 Dangerous