How to play Lucky Fish shooting game!

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How to play Lucky Fish shooting game!

Where players take on the role of a hunter. Fight different kinds of fish with cannon fire. It’s time to get your ammunition ready. Because we introduce. How to play fish games online. How to play It focuses on how to play the basics as a whole to make it simple and concise. Star to the UFABET.

Item type It can divide into usage as follows:

How to get items is that we can get large fish. or fish in a golden frame or more Some little ones might have a chance to get them as well.

  • Gun type item a special type of gun that can increase the speed and increase the number of shots this kind of item Often kept for shooting bosses that often appear rhythmically. 
  • Helper type item It will be an item that we choose to use. When we need it. It will kept for use. When it is more necessary. Such free item that freezes all the fish in the scene. Target lock item. Which may kept waiting for use with the boss. Fish summon items come out. Which will have a chance to summon the boss as well

Fish divid into 4 types.

  1. Small fish These fish are great for beginners and those with low coins. It may be used to shoot gradually. Pump the coin back up again. Sometimes they like each other in a crowd. 
  2. Medium-sized fish, these fish can focus on collecting coins. Because you will get little more coins 
  3. Large fish This group of fish, if killed, often has a coin effect. and get a lot of coins 
  4. Boss will have a chance to emerge by itself. There are both coming fast. Coming slowly and being tough. As for the coin, it’s more. fish mention above.