Ancelotti hopes to stay at Real Madrid beyond 2026.

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Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid coach expects to work with the Whites beyond 2026. Carlo Ancelotti expects to stay as coach of Real Madrid beyond 2026. After extending his contract with the club for another two years. But could work with the Whites for another year or two. As well, according to a report from ‘Deario AS’ sports last Tuesday. 

‘Very happy, it was simple, it was fast, there was no conflict.’ Ancelotti said of the new signing. ‘It’s very valuable that the club wants to continue my work. I’m in no rush. The club wants to do it now. Because they probably think that the work we do together here is good. As I said, very happy. But success here is not there. And that’s what we will try to do.’ ทางเข้า UFABET 

Ancelotti also reiterated his intention that Real Madrid would be his last job in charge. But it may not end until 2026, when he will be 66 years old and able to continue working as well.

‘Yes, it will be my last managerial role. But it doesn’t have to be 2026. I love being a trainer. And I hope I’ll be here in 2027 or 2028. And I want to be a coach. I like Madrid.’

The Italian also confirmed that he had spoken with the Brazilian about the position as Samba coach.


‘The truth is, as everyone knows, I have not been in contact with the former president of the CBF, Ednaldo Rodríguez. And I would like to thank him for his interest. It is considered a great honor. It makes me very proud.’

‘It was always clear that it depends on my situation at Real Madrid. I want to make that clear. This is my first choice. Ednaldo Rodríguez is no longer president. He shows me a lot of love. I have to thank him for that. But it ended the way I wanted. Being here’

Ednaldo Rodrigues was removed from his position as CBF president due to voting irregularities. And it looks like Ancelotti will have the opportunity to take over. As the coach of the Brazilian national team. Not long after Ednaldo was fired, Ancelotti signed a new contract with Real Madrid. 

Asked if there was still a chance he would work as national team coach. Ancelotti replied: ‘Do I think about it?’ 

‘Thinking about managing the Brazilian national team is very exciting. But I don’t know if Brazil want me in 2026 or not. I don’t know. I don’t know if they’re happy with my decision.’