Arteta believes victory over Villa reaffirms Arsenal

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Arteta believes victory over Villa reaffirms Arsenal confidence in their path to success.

Mikel Arteta spoke after Arsenal came from behind to beat Aston Villa 4-2 in stoppage time to help return to the top of the Premier League.

Arsenal conceded a goal in the first five minutes and ended the first half trailing 2-1. Before the second half fired three goals in a row to bring the team back to winning ways after four games without a win in all competitions.

“It’s kind of like a rollercoaster. And it’s full of emotion when the game is over. I think we showed commitment, calmness and quality. The context of the game today is very difficult. The last game with the performance we did against Manchester City and end without scoring back. After that we came to play here after the game was not yet 72 hours and had to be 1-0 behind in the first 5 minutes, playing in a very difficult game in the first half. 

I think personally the players are not at the level they used to be able to do. and not doing the right thing the way they used to At half-time we spoke about it, raised the level of individual play, looked at each other and did what we needed to do more. because we want to win. We have some changes in the team. And we managed to put in a strong performance and maybe we should have wrapped up the game and got the win before it happened like we did [going 3-2 up in injury time].”

“I think the team has to qualify. Some games you want to win. And it happens in the 94th or 96th minute. You want goals from set-pieces, you want winning goals even when the team is down to 10 men. It’s about finding victory in all sorts of situations. We talk about it all the time. And today we face a very difficult task. Especially when going behind in the first 5 minutes of the game. The team demonstrates the quality And I’m happy about that.

“Winning this game brought back even more faith. We do the work out in exchange for the results of the competition. We didn’t win the game against Brentford. Because of the decision. Against Manchester City, we deserved more than we got. We are still a team that needs to improve a lot. We can still develop And we must be very humble.”