Chelsea boss provides update on Aspilicueta condition behind knockout

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Chelsea boss provides update on Aspilicueta condition behind the knockout field.

Chelsea boss Graham Potter gives update on Cesar Aspilicueta injury The captain’s defender was injured late in the game against Southampton. and causing the game to stop for up to 10 minutes together

Late in the game at Stamford Bridge, the visiting team’s young striker, Secu Mara, tried to overhead. kick in the penalty area. But it became the moment that Aspilicueta Headed the ball first and turned into a kick in the face of the Spanish defender. Immediately fell down with the shock of the players from both teams. And hurried to call the medical team to see the symptoms urgently. The first aid takes a long time. Before the injury time was announce for up to 12 minutes together.

“He is at the hospital now. and the best place to take care of him. His condition remained constant. Can talk to wife, that’s good. Of course, we were quite worry during the incident. And we wish him the best in his care. And we will be monitoring his condition closely.”

“When he got injure. He didn’t look good. Therefore, the medical team must be careful in their care. and first aid him And I’m sure he’ll be okay. But it’s still worrying about what happened.”

A 1-0 defeat against Southampton left Chelsea 10th in the table and since returning to action. After the 2022 World Cup, they have play nine Premier League games, winning two. Four draws and two defeats, 10 points behind Champions League places.