Unai is frustrated with the team not playing

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Unai is frustrated with the team not playing according to the game plan, losing to Arsenal.

Aston Villa boss Unai Emery was frustrate with the injury-time goals. That cost them a 4-2 defeat to Arsenal  in the Premier League yesterday.

“Rising Lion” ended the first half with a 2-1 lead. Before conceding three goals in the second half. and made them rank 11th in the Premier League table.

“It’s something that I’m really frustrate with losing this game. It’s a shame that we lost by the same scoreline (4-2) at home in front of our supporters two games in a row. I’m still not quite sure what happened. But of course we can’t play like this in our own home. And they didn’t play the way I wanted to with this team. I had to find out why it was like this.”

“I think we played with determination, full of hunger to win. and quickly score the first goal of the game But we don’t own the game. controlling the playing area for 90 minutes.”

“We scored very quickly on the first goal. And we instead waited for it to finish the game, passing the ball around and not playing the way we had prepared the team. Obviously I was very disappointed with the match against Leicester and this game.

Aston Villa will play their next game against Everton on 25 February 2023.